About us

  1. At the end of 2015, the Spectre Group founded ECON SHOP with the idea of offering a quality electric scooter to the European market, but at an affordable price. The Chinese company NIU stood out from the competition because it offered the complete product: quality of production, support, insurance, service and sales network. After successfully testing the N1S series in China, the choice was made, so the first NIU N1S was imported in Europe at the beginning of the following year. Since the product was new and without a service network, we had to build a modest service network on our own, which was limited to the European capitals. 


    In 2017, after the official entry into Europe and the strengthening of the service network, NIU began to take its place in the European market. Unfortunately, by expanding the sales and service network, NIU brought the prices several times higher than those offered in its home country - China. 


    Fortunately, ECON SHOP, as the first and independent importer of the NIU scooter, was not required to accept the official prices, so it has limited them to reasonable costs and formed a price that is far more realistic and affordable. 


    Since April 2017, ECON SHOP has established its own courier service, which is unique in that the delivery vehicle is the same for the whole time, from loading to delivery. At the moment, the shop priority delivery is limited to about ten European Union countries, but we expect full coverage to be achieved by April 2018.


    As NIU is still little known to the European market, ECON SHOP, in cooperation with ECON RENT, has offered the possibility of renting a NIU scooter. At this moment all visitors to Budapest have the opportunity to rent all three series at a very affordable price.



     All NIU scooters are EU approved and come with Certificate Of Confirmation

    Documents that come with scooter 
    - Original Purchase  invoice
     - Registration certificate 
    - Original European Certificate of Conformity - CoC

    5 Reasons for NIU and 10 to buy from us


     Why NIU: 

    Production quality and top-quality materials ― aluminum, titanium, lithium

    Design - modern, simple, discreet, for every age and every purpose 

    Practicality - for school, work, market, going out, adventure, socializing...

    Accommodation – for a house, apartment, yard; you can charge the battery directly or take it out and carry it

    Warranty - two years for parts (30,000 km) and three years for battery (unlimited mileage)



    Why from Us:

    First importer of NIU scooters in Europe

    Complete range of models and colours (full model and colour range)

    Possibility of renting all models

    Lowest prices guaranteed ― we work with the lowest margin in Europe for NIU electric scooters

    EU VAT exemption option ― the possibility of buying with VAT or without VAT

    Priority delivery ― direct delivery to your home address with tracking and a number

    Ready for a ride ― each scooter comes completely assembled and with a rechargeable battery

    Guaranteed original - original product with 0 km per hour

    Instruction manual ― 100 pages and 12 languages

    Gift ― every ECON SHOP customer gets a gift