Terms & Conditions

  1. 1.      Model NIU N1S CIVIC or M1 Series Order/Reservation

    Thank you for placing a Reservation for  U1/   /M1  /N1S scooters  or NIU Accessories. By making your Reservation, you have ensure delivery for your U1/   /M1  /N1S scooters or NIU Accessories.

    2.      Effective Date

    Your Reservation become effective when (1) you placed your Reservation and (2) we receive your  Reservation Payment. Your Order become effective when you get a tracking number. 


    3.      Order Process

    While this Reservation you ensure day delivery, colour and the number of ordered units NIU U1/   /M1  /N1S or NIU Accessories . In most case purchase will be delivery just in time, without any delaying. In some case delivery date can be variable by a week. The amount of the reservation need to be payed in full, VAT will be automatically excluded from the price for all EU VAT EXEMPT orders.  We offer 4 different shipping methods  for most of EU region. Until you get tracking number, your Reservation may be cancelled at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund of your Reservation Payment. From moment when your shipment get tracking number and leave our warehouse in Budapest on the way to the destination, Reservation Automatically Become order and cannot be canceled. Order can be picked up personally in our warehouse in Budapest, Hungary. 


    4.      Payment

    After sending a reservation request, by e-mail you will receive invoice with instructions for Bank Wire payments. You need to complete your reservation in 3 working days. If we do not register you paymant in 5 working days, you will receive an email about the cancellation of your order and the product will be returned to the stock. 


    5.      Acknowledgements; Non-Transferable

    You understand that we will not hold your Reservation Payment separately or in an escrow or trust fund or pay any interest on your Reservation Payment. Your Reservation is not transferable or assignable to another party without the prior written approval of Spectre Group Kft.


    6.      Warranty

    1. NIU electric vehicle core components of the two-year warranty or a total of 30,000 km mileage, the two to reach the first term or mileage prevail (core components, including NIU electric car motor, charger, frame), other small scooter electric car parts warranty should be in accordance with the "calf electric car three packs of standards" to implement.


    7.      Box

    U1/   /M1  /N1S scooters  or NIU Accessories come Brand New, Unopened and assembled in Transport Box.